How to make a purchase?

Placing an order on the website HurtowniaGalanter.pl
At the online wholesaler HurtowniaGalanter.pl you can make a purchase by registering on the website of the wholesaler with your company data. In order to place an order, you need to register with the company with company data by providing company contact information, company tax ID number, etc. After registering and logging in to the wholesaler, the customer gets access to wholesale prices. The prices next to the products are net prices. The shopping cart during the finalization of the order will add Vat tax.

Ordering by phone

It is possible to place an order by phone at the wholesale store. In order to carry out a phone order efficiently, prepare the names of the product models you want to order and the invoice data. Once the order is placed, the goods are shipped cash on delivery or await payment by bank transfer.

If in doubt, please contact us by phone or email.